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this is the body of believers who begin to profess Christ after

the Mystery Church is raptured. The Rapture will be a monu-

mental, worldwide event, and countless hearts will be immedi-

ately quickened as they realize—too late—that they should

have believed sooner. Nevertheless, these new believers will

comprise a new church—the Kingdom Church.

To reiterate: We know that iniquity or lawlessness (evil) is

being restrained until someone is taken out. This could be

none other than God, in the person of the Holy Spirit, working

through His temple of believers. So the Holy Spirit, the Com-

forter—who will never leave us—leaves with us and evil is no

longer restrained. After the Mystery Church is raptured, the

Kingdom Church (the Tribulation Saints) faces terrible times.

Indeed, it is called the Tribulation for good reason. It will be

back to the way it was in the gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke,

and John. The gospel of the kingdom, rather than the gospel of

grace, will be preached.

A Day Is A Year

We saw earlier that a scriptural day can be a physical year.

From Jewish festival typology, we shall soon learn that Yom

Kippur, the Jewish New Year, will be the chosen day of the

Revelation of Jesus Christ.


There are 10 days between Rosh

HaShanah and Yom Kippur. Rosh HaShanah is the blowing of


See “Yom Kippur.” All significant Church events occurred on Jewish holi-

days, i.e., crucifixion on Passover, resurrection on Feast of First Fruits, and

the Holy Spirit on Pentecost. This significant event will as well.