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Dr. Madray shows his skill in interweaving his personal in-

terest in Creation Science with Biblical prophecy in an informa-

tive and readable account of the exciting events of the end


Since Creation, the Alpha moment of God, deception led

to the fall of man, resulting in paradise lost. From that time

onward, cataclysmic events have been shaping the world and

preparing it for the grandest event in history that is yet to


The countdown to the day of the Lord ticks off the days,

years, and millenniums of preparation for Yom Kippur, that

dramatic Day of Atonement on God’s calendar when “Lord

Jehovah, my salvation” appears as “Lord Jehovah Jesus Christ”

to the Jews

. 1

The prophecies point to the end of the age of the foreign

domination of Israel, which Gentiles have controlled since 606

B.C. When the full number of Gentiles has come in, Israel will

have been purified in the fore of tribulation and will repent in a

day (Zech. 3:9).

Dr. Madray writes that ancient Babylon will be rebuilt and

from there the world economies shall be governed. The seven-

year event of the tribulation is concluded by the dramatic re-

turn of the Messiah. God, as the Anointed One in all His glory.

He is seen by all as the conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah.


See “Feast of Yom Kippur” in Chapter Three.