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for lawlessness to develop at an enhanced rate, thus opening

the door for the lawless one to “solve” Israel’s problems by

signing a seven-year peace treaty at the beginning of the Jewish

New Year (either on Rosh HaShanah or Yom Kippur).


Letters to the Churches

If we examine closely the letters to the churches in Rev. 2-

3, some very interesting things come to light. Many Bible ex-

positors are correct, spiritually speaking, when they say those

chapters give us the history of the Church from the time of

Christ to the Rapture. But, more definitely, these chapters pro-

vide ongoing instruction throughout the tribulation. Many ex-

positors say the Church isn’t mentioned again after chapter 3,

until we see it again in chapter 19. They therefore conclude

that since the tribulation is between chapters 6-19, and since

there is no instruction for the Church during that time, that the

Church is raptured before the tribulation.

This author believes that instructions about what to do

during the tribulation have already been provided in the book

of Revelation, chapters two and three. These special chapters in

Revelation offer many details to the Churches about how to

proceed through the tribulation.

The solution to the enigma is that the Churches described

in chapters two and three are believers who are receiving in-

structions during the time that evil is no longer being re-

strained. This body of believers is clearly very Jewish in nature,

and is not the Mystery Church previously described. Rather,


Because the signing takes place seven years before the end, which as we

will soon see, will occur at this time of the year.