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When will the Rapture occur? One can only guess, for this

is truly a mystery, as was affirmed by the Apostle Paul (1 Cor.

15:51), and is not a subject of Old Testament prophecy (Rom.

16:25; Col. 1:26).

Definition of the Mystery

The mystery is this: The body of believers in Christ, which

have lived since the time of Christ and until the time of the

Rapture, is a body in which Gentiles are able to come to God

directly through Christ, the Jewish Messiah (Eph. 3:6)—

without the birthright of God’s chosen people, the Jews, or

through adoption of Jewish Mosaic Law.


Salvation was extended to the Gentiles because the Jews

were not in a right relationship with God. They could have

been a blessing to the rest of the world, yet to this day they

continue to chafe under God’s rejection

. 17

In a sense, the problem of an unrepentant Jewish nation

has temporarily been set aside, while God carries on with busi-

ness (Rom. 11:11-25). They’re “on break,” and are being dis-

ciplined. In the meantime, we who are believers by faith, hav-

ing been sprinkled with the blood of Christ, are able to pass

from the outer court of the temple directly into the Holy of Ho-

lies! We who are in Christ may go directly to the throne of

God, and no longer need a priest to intercede and make sacri-

fice for our sins.


Non-Jews who became Jews by following Mosaic Law are called prose-



Jews who come to faith in Christ the same as Gentiles become part of the

Mystery Church.