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Overview of the Mystery

This author agrees with Dr. McGee’s above perspective.

However, this book is about the end of the age, about which

Scripture prophesies. It is not about the Church Age, which

exists at the time of this writing. In Dr. McGee’s passage, he

spoke of God taking out the present day Church, which is a


. 14

As discussed earlier, a mystery and a prophecy are

far from the same thing! Prophecy can have a sign and a time

(date), while a mystery is signless and timeless.

Let us diverge from prophecy momentarily to further exam-

ine the mystery, then return to “Restoration on the third day.”

This Age ends, as has been shown, with the second coming

of Jesus Christ in Rev. 1:7,

“Every eye shall see him.”


physical removal from the earth of the present day Mystery

Church is what is popularly known as the Rapture. God will do

this before He deals with an unrepentant Israel (and remaining

prophecy), and certainly before the Antichrist or lawless one is

revealed (2 Thess. 2:8).

The Mystery Church, with its Rapture, should really be the

subject of another book, but since that will mark the end of the

earthly pilgrimage for all believers as of the time of this writing,

it might interest some to read of educated guesses as to the

approximate time the Rapture will occur

. 15


See “Definition of the Mystery.”


It is possible, depending on when this book is read, that the Rapture may

already have occurred. If so, there may be other opportunities to escape

God’s coming, escalating wrath (see “Feast of First Fruits” and “Feast of

Rosh HaShanah” in this chapter).