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Only forty years after Christ’s statement, the Jews were sent

to wandering, and have not had a king since. All the other

events spoken above in Hosea 10:8-12 will occur at the end.

Hosea also tells us about what will happen in the Tribulation.

Hosea 13:7-8 speaks of a lion, a leopard, a bear, and a wild

animal (a beast). This parallels the Gentile kingdoms that have

ruled and will rule over Israel until the Lord returns. It also rep-

resents the future tribulation of the woman with the pains of

childbirth (Hos. 13:13). These same animals—the lion, the

leopard, the bear, and the wild beast will be represented in the

soon coming ruler—the Antichrist—the one spoken of in the

Old Testament as being the Assyrian (Micah 5:6). He will be a

composite of the beasts that Daniel saw. The last “wild animal”

is a composite beast, and is mentioned in Rev 13:2. It will be a

revived combination of the old Roman empire, and the Baby-

lonian, Assyrian, and Grecian empires as well. Its ruler, the An-

tichrist, will rule the territory of the old Roman empire—north,

south, and east of the Mediterranean Sea.

This won’t be merely the European Union or the European

Economic Community, as so many contemporary Bible proph-

ecy teachers postulate. This is wrong because Europe’s geo-

graphic location alone does not fit the facts (see the section,

“Babylon” in the next chapter), and because the ten kingdoms

with their ten kings aren’t established until the Antichrist is a

king (Rev. 17:12), which is after the Tribulation starts.


Since we see that Hosea speaks not only of his time but a

far distant time, we can apply the prophecies of Hosea (5:14-

15; 6:1-3) to a time much further in the future.