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with the Jews. Once again, signs will accompany God’s mes-

sage and messengers.

To understand more about signs and times, and to distin-

guish them from what is signless and timeless, we need to ex-

amine the difference between prophecy and mystery.

Prophecy vs. Mystery

The early Church, mostly Jewish, was living in expectation

of the coming Kingdom of Israel—thus they are known as the

“Kingdom Church.” Not all of the Jews repented as Peter had

instructed them to do (Acts 2:38). Miraculous signs and won-

ders continued, and Peter again instructed them to repent and

to receive the times of refreshing, with its revelation of Jesus

Christ (Acts 3:19-21).


This “Kingdom Church” was looking for the revelation of

Christ onto the earth. By Acts 28, the Jews’ heart had become

calloused and God’s salvation was sent to the Gentiles (Acts

28:27-29). This great responsibility was given to Paul (Eph.

3:1-2). He spoke of the Jews rejection of the Gospel and how

he was the apostle to the Gentiles, to make the Jews envious

(Rom. 11:11-18). The new and distinct body of believers

formed through Paul is known as the “Mystery Church.” It is


Here we have restoration coming at the time of Christ. As we saw in great

detail in the previous chapters of this book, the end occurs at the revelation

of the End Himself. Again, the end will occur and restoration will begin, all

on that day when Christ is revealed.