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Also terminated at the end is the fragmentation and divi-

sion of believers within the Church. Finally, the end brings the

bodily resurrection of the righteous, and with this glorious day

an end to the long separation between God’s living elect and

all who died in Christ.

As stated previously, the world is never completely de-

stroyed, but it is only the age in which we now live that will

definitely come to an end. Our present higher mountain ranges

and volcanic islands will disappear, giving us a radical change

in climate worldwide. Satan’s reign of authority over the people

of the earth, epitomized in the Antichrist, will end. The seed of

the woman, Christ, will crush the seed of the serpent, Anti-

christ (Gen. 3:15).

One thousand years after the end of this age (after the

1,000 year Day of the Lord), the earth as it now appears will

disappear in an elemental level reconstitution, and a new heav-

en and a new earth will be formed. The earth will be reconsti-

tuted to its original perfection, and man will become immortal.

Both earth and mankind will have come full circle, returning to

their pristine, original state of existence. Once again, being

made in the flawless image of God, man will live forever in an

Edenic environment with his Creator.

With all this simultaneous good and bad news, we natural-

ly seek to know when all these things will take place. “WHEN”

is the subject of the next chapter.