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Numerous Other Ends

Throughout Scripture are prophecies of yet more ends. The

wicked and their cities come to and end (Ps 9:5,6); the sadness

of the earth ends (1 Chr. 16:31-33); wars end (Ps 46:9); and

the carefree life of the wicked, along with their increase in

wealth ends (Ps 73:12,18). The physical bodies or ashes of the

righteous multitude, which are in the graves of the earth end

(Dan. 12:2; Isa. 26:19; Hosea 13:14); the frustration of the

earth with its bondage and decay ends (Rom. 8:20,21); and

perhaps the division of languages, which was instituted at the

Tower of Babel, ends (Zep. 3:9).

Satan, the god of this age, blinds the minds of unbelievers

so they don’t see the glory of Christ, who is the image of God

(2 Cor. 4:4). So, along with Satan’s end (Rev. 20:2), there will

be an end to all the blindness that he has perpetrated. The

flogging, impoverishing, imprisonment, mistreating, ridiculing,

robbing, squelching, torturing—and killing—of the faithful will

end forever (Heb. 11:35-38). Amen and amen!

Lord’s Prayer Will End

All the way to the end of time, the faithful will have been

praying what has been historically known as the Lord’s Prayer.

Their petitions—for God’s kingdom to come; for His will to be

done on earth as it is in heaven; for daily bread (including su-

pernatural manna, Isa. 33:16); for not being led into tempta-

tion (the testing of the tribulation); and for deliverance from

the evil one (the Antichrist, Matt. 6:9-13)—will all be an-

swered on the day of the Lord! As of that glorious day, the

Lord’s Prayer will no longer need to be prayed by any of God’s