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Seven Trumpets

Within the seventh seal are seven trumpets, four of which

are trumpet plagues that bring to an end the following: 1/3 of

the trees and grass; 1/3 of the sea (with its ships and sea crea-

tures); 1/3 of the drinking water; and temporarily dims 1/3 of

the energy output from the sun, moon, and stars.

After these four “warnings” come the remaining three

trumpets, known as woe judgements. A visible, flying angel

announces three supernatural woe judgements, which soon

follow. The fifth trumpet inflicts tormenting “locusts.” The

sixth trumpet releases 200 million “horsemen,” killing 1/3 of

humanity. The seventh and last trumpet is composed of seven

bowls of wrath.

Seven Bowls Of Wrath

The seven bowls are seven supernatural plagues. The first

bowl produces sores on those who accepted the mark of the

beast. The second turns all the oceans into blood, killing all sea

creatures. The third turns the rivers and springs that are used

for drinking water into blood. The fourth causes the sun to

scorch humanity with great heat. The fifth plunges the Beast’s

seat of government (Babylon) into darkness. The sixth dries up

the Euphrates River and releases demons to gather the world’s

armies to Armageddon. The seventh produces the incompre-

hensible earthquake that tumbles all major cities (with their

“indestructible” skyscrapers)—and also produces great hail-

stones, which cause the future city of Babylon (in present day

Iraq) to go to meet the earlier sin-consumed cities of Sodom

and Gomorrah. It goes down into the earth and is covered by

the sea (Jer. 51:42, 64; Rev. 18:17-21).