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For those who come to faith between the pre-tribulation

rapture and the mid-tribulation rapture (for explanation of the-

se events, see “The Festivals” in Chapter Three), the Lord has

given a way to figure out who the Antichrist will be—by calcu-

lating his number. With this foreknowledge they will be fore-

warned and able to make preparation. God tells them that the

Antichrist’s number is 666 (Rev. 13:18). Perhaps the mystery

will be solved through gematria, explained by Salem Kirban in

the Salem Kirban Reference Bible (AMB Publishers, Chattanoo-

ga, TN ©1992, pg. 220):

“Gematria was the ancient system of number coding and of

spelling out numbers by letters. Any alphabet can be used. The

code uniformity runs like this, here using English: a=1; b=2;

….; j=10; k=20; …; s=100; t=200;…; etc. Thus the name

“fox” would yield 6+60+600 or 666.”


With the destruction of the Antichrist and his armies, the

Seventieth Week of Daniel, or the Tribulation, will come to an

end. Moreover, with the end of the Tribulation, the purification

process of Israel ends as well, as described in Daniel 9:24:


“Transgression is finished. Their sin is put to an

end; it is reconciled for, everlasting righteousness is brought in;

vision and prophecy is fulfilled; and the most holy anointed

(the anointed one, or Christ)

is anointed king.”

So Earthly kingdoms will end, along with the Tribulation.

“In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a

kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to an-