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would happen (Matt. 24-25)—an account which outlines the

book of Revelation from chapters 6 through 19. The book of

Revelation was written with special attention to what is and will

happen to the nation of Israel. It covers the spectrum of the

end times, from the Ephesus synagogue in chapter 2, to the

New Jerusalem as recorded in chapter 22. The last days of the

different synagogues (churches) will be as they were during

their first days.

Virtually all Bible expositors believe that all, or nearly all,

the churches in Revelation chapters 2 and 3 are in the past. But

with just a cursive inspection of the passages, the churches are

evidently Jewish in nature, they are in, “…great tribulation”

(Rev. 2:22)—and this tribulation is yet future.


People will suffer terrible tribulation (as clearly shown with

the Churches of Smyrna and Thyatira)! Such tribulation will be

unequaled from the beginning of the world, including the days

of Noah, and will never again be equaled (Matt. 24:21). The

things that will happen will first be God’s judgement of Israel,

and second God’s judgement of the Gentiles (the rest of man-

kind). What will happen to Israel is outlined in both the Old

and New Testaments of the Bible—in Daniel and Revelation.


God decreed 490 years for the Jews and Jerusalem to finish

transgressions, to put an end to sin, to atone for wickedness, to