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The Edenic Age

The entire world at the time of creation had a tropical cli-

mate and atmosphere, from the North pole to the South pole,

both of which supported and sustained an abundance of life.

People lived to be 900 years old. Insects and reptiles, like the

dinosaurs (which got bigger and longer as they grew older),

achieved great size and length. We see the evidences of that

great tropical world in our present world’s great fossil beds.

The species of plant and animal life were abundant and varied.

They, including the dinosaurs, were suddenly overcome by

great volumes of catastrophic flood deposition—the flood of


Other events occurred globally as the great deep burst

forth. This bursting forth produced tectonic plates in the

earth’s mantle. These great crustal sub-surface plates began to

slide, generating massive volcanic action. This action, with the

ash and super-heated water laden with minerals, caused petrifi-

cation of organic material. Great tidal waves were generated,

producing phenomenal destruction. The windows of heaven

were opened (Gen. 7:11), bringing matter of cosmic propor-

tions down upon the earth. Thousands of feet of flood deposi-

tion occurred all over the earth. In less than one year’s time,

the earth acquired its “age” (Gen 7:6; 8:13)—not over millions

or billions of years as evolutionists would like us to believe.

When the end of our present age comes, the world will

begin to revert back to the Edenic conditions of its earlier age.

According to the prophet Isaiah, the life-sustaining power of

the next age’s atmosphere will be as it was before the Flood:

“Behold, I will create new heavens and a new earth. The former