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“You are obviously, a scholar. Your work is comprehensive and thor-


Carole Carlson

Co-author of

The Late Great Planet Earth

Solvang, CA

“As a writer of some 37 Biblical textbooks, I can highly recommend

the reading of Dr. George Madray’s Biblical book of these end times.

These writings reveal a tremendous amount of research and study, by

a man of God who has been called of God for this particular work of

revealing combined facts of the end of the age. As a professional

Doctor, he has gone that extra mile to use his talents to glorify God.

It is of the utmost necessity that Christians of today study this in-

formative book, of the things of tomorrow.”

Rev. Dr. Andrew J. Losier

Founder and President

Christian Literature & Bible Center Inc.

Toccoa, GA

“In the years that I have known Dr. Madray, he has had a heart for

spreading the gospel, and an analytical mind toward the word of

God. Everyone can see as we are approaching the new millennium,

we all would be wise in studying Dr. Madray’s works concerning the

end times, and prophecy.”

Dr. Greg pierce, Thd.DM.DB

Lee County, VA