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Congratulations are in the highest order if you have just ac-

cepted the Lord! Not only do you escape the coming wrath,

but the wrath you would have received if you would have died

before receiving Christ as Lord. That is, you have now escaped

the penalty for your past sins, which would have meant going

to hell when you die. That in itself is enough reason to rejoice!

But there is more good news. You now have power over your

present sins—doing your will when it is contrary to God’s. As

you exercise this new prerogative, you will enjoy the abundant

life of Christ, instead of the wanton, empty life of this world.

You will soon be removed completely from the presence of sin,

either by rapture or death, then to begin eternal life with our

Creator and Consummator— Jesus Christ.

You’ll more clearly see that you have escaped, as you sin

less and less each day and begin to receive and experience the

abundant life here on earth—a life that has brand new meaning

and purpose. The things of this world that you once desired so

much will begin to be replaced by the desires of your new Fa-

ther in heaven. Ask Him now to lead and guide you from now

until the end of your days—or until the end of the age, which-

ever comes first.

People everywhere should be reminded of the closing

words of Jesus, the Alpha and the Omega:

“Yes, I am coming


(Rev. 22:20). For you, whose wisdom has exceeded your

pride, and who have humbled yourself unto salvation, may you

not fear but rejoice over