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The Spirit of God closes His Book of prophecy, the Bible,

with an invitation:

“The Spirit and the bride say, `Come!’ and

let him who hears say, ‘Come!’ Whoever is thirsty, let him

come; and whoever wishes, let him take the free gift of the wa-

ter of life”

(Rev. 22:17).

Although there is no comparison between my humble

book and God’s, I feel that I should follow this pattern, and

close mine in like manner. I would like to begin with two pas-

sages from the Bible, each in the form of a question:

“How shall we escape if we ignore such a great salvation”

(Heb. 2:3)?

“See to it that you do not refuse him who speaks. If they

did not escape when they refused him who warned them on

earth, how much less will we, if we turn away from him who

warns us from heaven”

(Heb. 12:25)?

A permanent escape from God’s fiery judgement and in-

dignation has been provided. He poured out His wrath on His

Son, Messiah “Ben Joseph”—who was humanity’s Passover

Lamb, the sacrifice for all of us (Heb. 9:28). God did this so He

would not have to pour out His wrath on us. His sole condi-

tion, our part, is that we accept Christ’s sacrificial death upon

the cross as forgiveness for our sins. Thousands of already ful-

filled prophecies give us assurance that we can believe every-

thing the Bible tells us.

The Bible states:

“You must be born again”

(John 3:7)—