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Those who see God as the Father of all and only as a God

of love cannot help but be troubled deeply at the above scenes.

Almighty Creator God, the Alpha, must one day become the

Omega and bring this age to its end. God is not just a God of

love, but a holy God who demands justice. God’s justice de-

mands that He judges sin and all its consequences. He is

equally the Alpha and the Omega. By His sovereign will He

created all things, and by the same sovereign will, only He can

bring all things to consummation. May our admonition be that

of the Apostle in 2 Peter 1:19 (paraphrased):

“May we more

reverently search the more sure Word of prophecy, and pay

attention to it—as to a light shining in a dark place, until the

Millennial Day dawns.”

As we search God’s Word, there are still many details to

put together

(“we see through a glass, darkly”)

. For those of us

who have bowed our knee to Christ, the deepest of gratitude

should be ours. For as we see the sun setting, and the dark

night of the end drawing closer, we have the hope and the

promise of Omega Himself, that He,

“…will rescue us from the

coming wrath”

(1 Thess. 1:10). All who have this hope of His

appearing should be led to purify themselves,

“…just as he is


(1 John 3:3).

There should also be a tangible fear in those whose hope is

not based on Jesus Christ. They would be wise to come to Him

while they can—to His cross, where the fire and wrath have

already burned, where there is eternal protection from all future

judgements. Serious indeed is the issue at stake—it is eternal