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The nations, along with the Antichrist, are led to Jerusalem

by different forces. The city is captured, the houses ransacked,

and the women raped (Zech. 14:2).

Cosmic disturbances appear everywhere. As the Omega

approaches the earth, the mountains and hills begin to melt,

and the earth and man begins to shake. Mountains and islands

disappear. Earthquakes, volcanic upheavals, thunderstorms,

lightning, and tidal waves wreak terror. At 12:00 noon, the

light goes out as the Lion of God, with flames in His eyes,

comes in thick darkness to take His long awaited vengeance. At

evening, the glory of God with unbelievable light appears. The

Antichrist is bound by Jesus’ brightness, snatched up alive, and

escorted by angels at unseen speed to the Lake of Fire, while

the world’s armies look on. The vast armies then begin to flee

as the Jews begin to chase. As in the battles of old, supernatu-

ral beings and elements are employed. Mighty men, kings, gen-

erals, and all the people who were gathered against Jerusalem

will flee; their bodies explode with their own blood, like grapes

being trampled. Countless vultures excitedly fly overhead, and

contemplate a feast such as they have never imagined.

It all ends very quickly!