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like the sunrise; rays flashed from his hand, where his power

was hidden. Plague went before him”

(Hab. 3:4-5). Thus, the

plague comes from the Lord, and not a neutron bomb.


The bodies of God’s enemies will literally explode, and the

blood will burst from their arteries and veins. It will be as it was

predicted, like grapes when trampled, as described in Revela-

tion 14:18-20. God’s enemies have shed His own blood; now

His long awaited vengeance will have arrived. Consider this

chilling description by author Henry Morris, in, The Revelation


“The bloodshed is so massive and so quick that the only

apt comparison is the spurting of the juice from tremendous

clusters of ripe fruit beneath the feet of the grape tramplers in a

winepress. The hordes of civilians, many riding horses, no

doubt many on foot, perhaps others on vehicles of one sort

and another, thronging together as in a great trough, unable to

flee, their gaze transfixed on an amazing scene in the heavens,

suddenly explode like bursting grapes, and the blood pours

from a billion fountains.


Since the horses and all the animals in the camps are

stricken with this same “plague” of instantaneous necrosis

(Zech. 14:14), the torrent of blood will drain to the valley

where, as specifically prophesied, it will literally reach to the

horse’s bridles (Rev. 14:20)!


Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. Wheaton, Illinois; Creation-Life Publish-

ers, San Diego, California, p. 276; used with permission.