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fy/refine His chosen people, where the bodies of the Jews will


“…like refuse in the streets”

(Isa. 5:25).


A banner will attract the anti-Christian armies to Jerusalem

(Isa. 5:26). At the same time, the Messianic Christian army

from heaven comes (Isa. 13:3-5). This banner has to have a

balance to it. It has to look powerful enough to attract all of the

world’s armies, but not so powerful as to make them flee

prematurely. Certainly all the armies of the world will not be

needed to finish crushing the few remaining Jews in Israel. Per-

haps the banner will be the 144,000, sealed supernaturally

from physical harm, for they are seen at the end on Mount Zi-

on with the Lamb, the Messiah of Israel (Rev. 14:1). On the

other hand, it’s hard to believe that if the Messiah of Israel

(Who is God Himself) is there, that any army or armies would

be foolish enough to come against Him with any number in

their ranks or sophistication of weaponry! Perhaps Christ will at

first be unrevealed of His eminent glory by the surrounding

darkness (Psalm 97:2) in order to permit the Antichrist’s ar-

mies to gather up for their impending annihilation.

In the Old Testament, a thousand Israelites had fled from

the threat of one (Isa. 30:17). Soon it will be time to reverse

the role. As in the days of Joshua, a thousand of the enemy will

be routed by one Israeli (Josh. 23:10). Once the Jews realize

that their Messiah will have arrived to fight for them, they will

acquire a boldness beyond description:

“On that day the Lord will shield those who live in Jerusa-

lem, so that the feeblest among them will be like David, and