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The vultures will darken the sky as they circle overhead

(Rev. 19:17), surely filling the armies gathered against Israel

with fear and dread. For this is the sacrifice that the Lord has

prepared, and the vultures will be part of His “guests” (Zeph.

1:7). The Lord will cause the enemies of Israel to stumble like

blind men before He pours out their blood and entrails (Zeph

1:17). The bloodshed is massive and sudden, so much so that

it can only be described as grapes being trampled.


Most people associate the Lord with light, as it should be.

But when He comes as a judge, He will be accompanied by


“Will not the day of the Lord be darkness, not light—pitch

dark, without a ray of brightness”

(Amos 5:20)?

“Clouds and thick darkness surround him”

(Psalm 97:2).


Before Omega steps onto the Mount of Olives, His voice

comes from the temple in heaven (Rev. 17:17). The reverberat-

ing majestic voice will be none other than God’s. This voice is

the same voice that cried out, “in a loud voice” 2,000 years

earlier. There He had just completed His work of redemption,

and from the cross cried,

“It is finished”

(John 19:30).

Now in His glory, Christ appears to have a much stronger

voice! For after the seventh bowl judgment hits the atmosphere

of the earth, the voice from the throne in heaven shouts,

“It is