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Literal: “

Behold he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall

see him

.” The meaning here is that Jesus is physically com-

ing again, and all will physically see Him.

We need to read the Bible as we would read any book, and

let it say what it wants to say. There are serious consequences

to misinterpreting the Bible. For example, if we spiritualize it

(imagine something supplementary or non-material), the re-

sults are at least three-fold, and each becomes increasingly ma-

lignant: One, a progressive loss of truth; two, the development

of conflicting denominational beliefs; and three, the creation of

religious sects, or cults.

Let us keep in mind that the Bible is the only book that

provides mankind with divine prophecy. Other “inspired”

books such as the Oracle of Delphi, the Koran, and others,

contain only man’s viewpoint. Thousands of fulfilled prophe-

cies testify to the Bible as being God’s breathed inspiration.

Not one single prophecy has failed. Indeed, the Bible passes

the test of time!


The Festivals

Not all prophecy is written, or stated verbatim. Some are

“typical” (or prototypical), that is, a representative picture is

given of a future event. Some very interesting types of typical

prophecy are the pictures in the seven Jewish Festivals, which

are divided into two groups. The first group (in the Spring) re-

late to the first coming of the Messiah, and the second group

(in the Fall) relate to His second coming.