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will flee away”

(Isa. 35:10). Their days of sorrow will end (Isa.

60:20). They will receive,

“…a garment of praise instead of a

spirit of despair”

(Isa. 6:13), and,

“…comfort and joy instead

of sorrow”

(Jer. 31:13).

To the rest of the multitudes, from every nation, tribe, peo-

ple and language—to whoever becomes an inheritance of

God’s during the tribulation, God gives this great promise,

“And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes”




After Israel has been purified in the furnace of the tribula-

tion, she will be ready for repentance (turning to God). He will

have judged her for her sins, including the rejection of Himself

as Messiah. He will end the Gentile domination over Israel, and

convert the entire nation of Israel in that one day (Zech. 3:9;

Isa. 66:8). What a glorious future is in store for Israel and the

Jewish people!

The tribulation (the time of Jacob’s trouble) is not only for

the Jews who have rejected God, but for all the sons of Adam

(mankind in general). From the Garden of Eden onward, man

has elected to do his own thing. There will be nothing left for

the Creator to do but to bring it all to an end. He is coming to

punish man for his sin (Isa. 26:21) and to judge and avenge for

bloodshed (Rev. 6:10). He is coming to crush some (Psalm

110:6) and to rule others with an iron rod (Psalm 2:9).

Through the ages, He will have shown the world that man

without God can only create havoc and heartache, that sinful

mankind, left long enough to himself, will not find his own

fulfillment under his own power, but rather will only destroy