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The Words of God, in tandem with His character and al-

ways true, are occasionally applied only for a certain time and

as such are not to be interpreted as contradictory. For example,

God prescribed in the Bible certain dietary laws. At different

times man could eat only:


plants and any animals;

plants and only some animals;

and again, plants and any animals.

It appears that God may change the dietary law yet again in

the future. The above changing dietary laws applied respective-

ly to the following times:

the time from Adam to Noah;

from Noah to Moses;

from Moses to the Apostle Paul;

and from Paul to the present.

Note Language Use

As we interpret the Bible, we need to keep in mind that

there are three kinds of languages—figurative, symbolic, and


Following are examples:

Figurative: “

Harden not your heart.

” The meaning is clear

from the context.

Symbolic: “

In his right hand he held seven stars

.” The

meaning here is explained afterwards; occasionally symbol-

ism is explained elsewhere in the Bible.