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Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Evolution has given rise to

the remaining multitude.

Rational thinkers will tell you that things don’t run freely

uphill. The Second Law of Thermodynamics tells us that things

become disordered rather than ordered. Here, evolution direct-

ly contradicts one of the most basic laws of science; while crea-

tion not only supports, but predicts it. For example, creation

tells us that things must have been more uphill in the past, in

order to have run so far downhill now. It is this continual

“running downhill” that the Creator/Alpha (the Beginning), is

going to bring to an end, fulfilling His role as the Consumma-

tor/Omega (the End).

We saw in Chapter One, “Who,” that the End (Omega) is

Jesus Christ, and that He is also the Beginning (Alpha), the

Creator. At the end, He will begin to return the earth to the

pristine condition in which it was when He created it. It is

God’s ultimate purpose to bring both the earth and mankind

back to a state of perfection, as everything was prior to the time

Adam and Eve fell into sin.


As we see the condition of the world increasingly deterio-

rating, we shouldn’t have to ask why there should be an end.

Evil rapidly becomes more and more pervasive, yet people con-

tinue to blindly hope for peace and prosperity. For the most

part, both the Jews and Gentiles have rejected the Prince of

Peace, so they must receive God’s coming wrath; only those

who are in His will, will escape the wrath (1 Thess. 1:10; 5:9).