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must study the previous scriptures as well as the scriptures

which follow. An invaluable guideline is to permit the scrip-

tures to interpret scripture.

Finally, it is permissible to interpret the Bible literally. One

can always spiritualize a truth away. If we over - spiritualize,

then whose interpretation is right? If the literal sense makes

sense, seek no other sense or you’ll have nonsense!

No Contradictions

Students of the Word must keep in mind that the Bible,

like the character of God Himself, will not contradict itself, and

everything from Genesis to Revelation is true. False statements

are accurately related as false statements. It may indeed be ex-

actly what was said by someone who was lying, or what they

truly (as an unregenerate) believed.

Following are two examples:

Concerning the truth of man be in resurrected: A demon

came to Eliphaz, (during the time that Job surely must have

been wondering about seeing his lost family members

again), and told him

“...they perish forever” (Job 4:20)


This is, according to God’s Word, a lie that the demon


Solomon wrote in the book of Ecclesiastes,

“For the living

know that they will die, but the dead know nothing; they

have no further reward...” (Ecc. 9:5)

. In context (see

above), this is clearly a faulty statement from the human

viewpoint of Solomon’s frustrated observations, and not a

definitive statement about life after death.