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That is absurd. All of Israel who have not died, will at the end

beg for Christ which is why they will be saved!


The deliverer is coming to Zion.

“All you people of the

world, you who live on the earth, when a banner is raised on

the mountains, you will see it, and when a trumpet sounds,

you will hear it”

(Isa. 18:3).

This banner is spoken of in a number of passages. It can

mean a banner, ensign, flag, pole, sail, or standard, but general-

ly means a type of signal. In Exodus 17:15, Jehovah is claimed

by Moses to be his banner. In the second chapter of Numbers,

there was a standard at each point on the compass around the

tent of meeting wherein or upon, God located His presence. To

the north was the camp of Dan with their standard an eagle. To

the south was the camp of Reuben with their standard a man.

To the east was the camp of Judah with their standard a lion.

And to the west was the camp of Ephraim with their standard

an ox. (The number of people in these four camps form the

shape of a cross when viewed from the eastern heavens.) These

standards represent what is in heaven; four living creatures sur-

round God’s throne. Each, a composite of an eagle, a man, a

lion, and an ox.

This banner or ensign is associated with God’s presence.

Isaiah 11:10 states that the root of Jesse (Jesus) shall stand as a

banner. This banner is to cause fear and panic.