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At the very end of the tribulation, the long awaited battle of

Armageddon takes place. The word “Armageddon” comes from

the Hebrew Har-megiddo, or “Mountain of Megiddo.” Mount

Megiddo is about sixty miles north of Jerusalem. It overlooks

the plain of Megiddo on the west and the plain of Esdraelon

(or valley of Jezreel) on the northeast. It is to these plains that

multitudes will gather for an assault at Jerusalem. (Multitudes

would not be necessary just to capture the Jews who will still

be left there at that time.)

Apparently, someone or something has to attract them.

This will be accomplished by Satan, the Antichrist, and the

False Prophet (Rev. 16:12, 19:19-20; 20:1-2) displaying their

supernatural powers. Also, from Revelation 14:1, it will be

known that the Lamb will appear soon and with Him 144,000

saints. Surely, some will have counted down 1,260 days from

the abomination of desolation and will knowingly be preparing

for battle against Christ and His army! The Lord also calls the

multitudes there by sending three demons (“frogs” from slime

pits) to gather them (Rev. 16:13).

In these worldly multitudes, there is a great boldness at the

cosmic disturbances of the sixth bowl that did not exist at the

cosmic disturbances of the sixth seal. God’s anger will soon

end, and His wrath will be to their destruction via this gang.

But just before that time, He will have one last destructive deed

for the Antichrist to do. Such great destruction will occur that

the Israelites, who were

“like the sand by the sea”

will be left

with only a remnant (Isa. 10:22). The course of the Antichrist

and his gangs is vividly sketched.