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for mankind, which includes both Jews and Gentiles (non-

Jews) and the Church (the mysterious union of Jews and Gen-

tiles to God in Christ). To know God’s plan, we have to gather

together the many truths from the scriptures and place them in

a logical and chronological sequence. This includes the peri-

ods, lengths of time, and even certain dates that God has set in

prophecy for the fulfillment of His plans.


To understand the Bible, one must take on an objective

approach to what the Bible teaches. The most prevalent diffi-

culty is not in understanding what it says, but rather in believ-

ing what it says. The majority of people strain at the truth of

God’s Word through the filters of their own present and past

subjective emotions and experiences. These subjections, or bi-

ases, are particularly influenced by the denomination or reli-

gious sect in which the person was raised or belongs.

I once believed that the Bible was full of contradictions and

problems. With so many interpretations of the Bible, it seemed

proof in itself that the Bible could not be inspired. Then I be-

gan to learn more about people and more about the author of

the Bible—the Creator Himself. As I realized that the One Who

wrote the Bible is the same One Who created the universe, I

then realized that the Bible, like the universe, must be highly

organized and ingeniously interconnected. At the same time I

learned more about people, and found that they are going to

believe what they want, regardless of the volume of evidence

set before them. The Bible and its Author are not at fault—it’s