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center of the world, it will become the new world trade center

the commercial capital of the globe. The prophet Zechariah

informs us of this in his vision (5:5-11). In this vision, the

woman represents the idolatry of mammon the love of which is

the root of all evil (1 Tim. 6:10). The basket or ephah was the

primary volumetric measure used in trading; the Land of Shinar

is Babylon. Zechariah thus informs us that those who worship

money and trading will move to Babylon.

Babylon, with all this political power, will be the economic

powerhouse of the world. Financiers, bankers, traders, and

others involved in commerce, with offices in such major cities

as New York, London, and Tokyo, will be well represented

there. Those particularly involved in cargo shipping, such as

sea captains, and administrators of port authorities will regular-

ly trade with her (Rev. 18:17).

This author, who has some limited experience in interna-

tional trade and warehousing, sees Babylon becoming a Free

Trade Zone where one will be able to import and export with-

out taxation. The number of warehouses and refineries along

the Euphrates will be even greater than the number of oil wells

there, pumping their relentless rivers of black gold.

Many will become incredibly wealthy, but their wealth will

not preserve them when the entire city of Babylon sinks in the

coming earthquake!

al embassy,” a “Vatican City,” which will belong equally to all. If this hap-

pens, it could occur before the appearance of the Antichrist.