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Here we see that the Messiah, who would be descended

from Jacob, is the Creator (Maker) God Almighty! He is, the

Holy One of Jacob…the God of Israel (Isa. 29:23).

We saw in the first chapter, “WHO is The End?” that the

Messiah is both the Alpha, or Beginning, and the Omega, or

End. We know from the first verse in Genesis,

“In the begin-

ning God created the heavens and the earth,”

that the Creator

is indeed the Alpha. Since the Messiah is the Beginning or Al-

pha, the Messiah is the Creator the Messiah is God Almighty!


Ancient Babylon will be rebuilt in modern day Iraq, and

will be the location of many of the important events of the end

time. The book of Revelation describes both Babylon and her


“The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will

come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction”



The Antichrist will rise up in tandem with the future, re-

built city of Babylon. This passage refers to both the Emperor

and his Empire. The symbolic beast has symbolic heads (Rev

17:9), which we are told represent “kings” (people) and “hills”

(places). Many commentators believe the city to be revived is

Rome, but Rome was present in John’s day and can therefore

not be described as “now is not.”