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wickedness (2 Thess. 2:9-12). Those who worship the beast

and his abominable image, or receive his mark or number, will

drink of the wine of God’s fury and be tormented for ever and

ever (Rev. 14:9-11). The beginning of the end is at Jerusalem,

but by the end of the tribulation 3-1/2 years later, the world

will be engulfed in the wrath of God.


Much of Daniel 11 is hard to interpret, for it seems both

historical and prophetical. This author believes that one time

frame is possibly just before the middle of the seven-year peace

covenant, after which time a ruler of the Southern area



engage the Antichrist in battle. The “king of the South” will

most likely be the ruler over Egypt, Libya, and Ethiopia. He will

lead an assault on the Antichrist, “King of the North” who

thinks he is the king of kings.

“At the time of the end the king

of the South will engage him in battle, and the king of the

North will storm out against him with chariots and cavalry and

a great fleet of ships”

(Dan. 11:40).

This “king of the North,” the Antichrist, will have to leave

his capital in Babylon (in present day Iraq) to subdue the king

of the South. This will be the first of three kings, who will be

subdued (Dan. 7:24). Parallel passage “types” in Jeremiah 46

appear to offer additional detail.


It appears that this area will be part of a 10-king area comprised of the

revised Roman, Grecian, Medo-Persian, and Babylonian empires, corre-

sponding to the ten toes of the interpreted image in Daniel 2:42.