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pet judgement kills a third of mankind (Rev. 9:15). During the

seventh trumpet’s vial or bowl judgements, all of the seas are

stricken, and every living thing in them dies (Rev. 16:3). Later,

the sun becomes so intense that people are scorched with fire

(Rev. 16:8). Thus, these judgements are worldwide

. 42


The prophet Ezekiel had a vision of an abominable idol in

the temple of God (Ezek. 8:3). (See “The Abomination,” Chap-

ter Three, for details.) This will be the temple occupation by

the Antichrist during the tribulation. After certain servants of

God receive seals in their foreheads (the future 144,000 of Rev.

7:3), the Glory of the God of Israel Jesus Christ, the former

Angel of the Lord begins judgement at the middle of the tribu-

lation and at the temple sanctuary. Here are Jesus’ words for

the future:

“Follow him through the city and kill, without showing

pity or compassion. Slaughter old men, young men and maid-

ens, women and children, but do not touch anyone who has

the mark. Begin at my sanctuary. Defile the temple and fill the

courts with the slain. Go!”

(Ezek. 9:5-7).

This is the same Jesus who warned everyone that when

they saw this abominable idol they should flee (Matt. 24:15-

16). This is where the end shall begin at the temple in Jerusa-

lem. It will begin in the middle of the seven-year peace treaty,

which will be broken by the one Ezekiel’s abominable idol por-

trays (Antichrist) the one who will probably rise from the dead


A worldwide judgement is further reinforced by the fact that there is only

one sun and it certainly reaches all of the earth.