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need to understand Biblical prophecy, and what it reveals

about the end.

An admonition is given in Luke 12:55 to religious people

because they could not discern the signs of the times. This pas-

sage also addresses those today who, in their ignorance, choose

to ignore the prophetic written Word of God. Also, in Rev. 1:3,

a blessing is pronounced upon the study of prophecy. As one

sees God’s awesome plan of the end unfold, a cleansing and

motivating effect is experienced. Once an understanding of the

prophecies regarding the end times is grasped, it will separate

one from the love of this world, which even now is perishing.


The Jews have had as their historian the Holy Spirit. To

Him, history is composed of past, present, and future. In His

book, the Bible, He has provided—with video clarity—an

overview of all time; a means by which we can zoom in and

out, and replay in both reverse and forward. The Bible is the

only book unique in this aspect. It gives us thousands of

prophecies, of which thousands have been fulfilled. It is abso-

lutely accurate and has been from the beginning, which testi-

fies to its being inspired by God. Since the Bible is inspired by

God, one can and should use it as the foundation for his or her

belief. Within its pages, it shows us that the same One who

knows the future also promises resurrection and life after

death. Instruction is given on how eternal life is received (or

eternal damnation), as well as how one can escape the coming


It is not just hopeless speculation when we attempt to dis-

cern the future as it relates to what God’s plan and purpose is