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1,290th day. Then, the additional 45 days brings us to the

1,335th day. On the Jewish calendar, this will bring us to Kis-

lev 25—the feast at Hanukkah. At least four times, God has

used Kislev 24 as an important date in past Jewish history. In

520 B.C., the foundations of the temple were laid. In 168 B.C.,

the temple sacrifice was abolished. In 165 B.C., the temple was

recaptured and cleansed. In 1917 A.D., Jerusalem was freed

from Turkish rule. It will be in the future, on Hanukkah, that

once again, we who will be there, will celebrate God’s cleans-

ing—on the very day the celebration of the Temple rededica-

tion was inaugurated.

Those who reach the 24th day of Kislev will be blessed!

The prophet Haggai also supports this day as the day when all

present upon the earth are blessed by being allowed to enter

the millenium: “From this day on, from this twenty-fourth day

of the ninth month… From this day on I will bless you” (Hag-

gai 2:18-19).


God has informed us that the End of the age will come in

relation to His dealing with the nation of Israel. The Omega

(Messiah) stated emphatically that no one at the time He was

on the earth knew when the end would come, including Him-

self. However, He did not say that no one would know at a lat-

er time. Just days later, He Himself knew after He again took

on the fullness of the Glory of God with all power and all