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named Antiochus Epiphanes (described in the book of Daniel)

instituted a reign of terror. He erected a statue of Zeus (a Greek

god) bearing his own facial features and slaughtered a sow on

the altar in the temple at Jerusalem.

Later, Judah Maccabees and others won independence for

the Jews in 165 B.C. The temple was rededicated after the idols

were crushed, and things were repaired and cleaned. The last

thing to do was to relight the seven-branched menorah. Pure

oil had to be used, but there was only enough for one day, and

it required eight days to make more. However, the pure oil on

hand burned for eight days rather than just one. In celebration

of this rededication of the Temple, candles are lighted each

year, for eight consecutive days. On the first night this blessing

is chanted:

“Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe,

who has granted us life, and has preserved us, and has enabled

us to this season.


The Abomination

The beast Antiochus Epiphanes is a type of the future

beast, the Antichrist. Just as the first beast erected an abomina-

tion (or a statue) to himself and did away with the worship of

God, so will the second, future beast (Rev. 13:14-15). Howev-

er, just as Judah gained freedom for the Jews, and illuminated

the Temple with his candles; the Lion of the tribe of Judah,

Jesus, will obtain eternal freedom, and illuminate the Millennial

Temple with His Glory. The future celebration of the rededica-


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