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The progressive nature of sin and its deteriorating effect on

everyone, everywhere, and everything in this war zone called

the world is rapidly coming to conclusion. These concluding

end times are not only clearly found in the Bible but are de-

scribed in great detail.

Man first chose to disobey God, then progressively worked

to remove Him completely from the world, to the point of even

denying His existence. Man invented the philosophy of evolu-

tion to insulate himself by moving God further back in time

and space, and hardening his conscience to God’s sovereign

right to rule and reign over His creation. As a result, the world

is finding itself in an increasingly degenerate state and rapidly

approaching the most frightening time in its history.

Divine intervention, where God, His angels, and His saints

will bring an end to this evil world, is coming soon. The and is

unveiled in the Bible; it is devastating as far as the world is

concerned, and is so awesome that it demands one’s undivided

attention for its preparation.

It is the purpose of this book to move people to prepare for

this inevitable end, in order to escape the coming wrath.

Knowledge and understanding are prerequisite to preparation.

The information in these pages covers all aspects of the end—

the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY, and HOW of the

end. The end will be the end of man’s day of rebellion and his

unbridled will. God will allow mankind a short time more be-

fore He takes over control, in what has popularly come to be

known as “Doomsday.” God has already laid out His plan, and

has revealed It through His chosen vessel, the Jewish nation, in

His prophetic word—the Bible. To understand the future, we