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Angel of the Lord & Yeshua

In the above verses, the Glory of God in the form of a cloud

is also associated with the Angel of the Lord (Exod. 14:19).

Exodus 23:20-28 shows that this Angel has the name of the

Lord in Him, and was known as “my angel,” “my terror,” and

“the hornet.” The Angel of the Lord is first seen at Genesis

16:7, where He appears to Haggar and she later identifies Him

as God (Gen. 16:13). The Angel of the Lord is shown to be

God by Abraham (Gen. 22:11-16). This was after the Lord ap-

peared to Abraham as a Man (Gen. 18:2, 10, 13). The Angel of

the Lord is also shown as the Lord (Gen. 22:15-16).

Clearly, in numerous passages, the Angel of the Lord is

shown as God! Hosea 12:3-5 identifies the Man with whom

Jacob wrestled as “the Angel” and “the Lord God Almighty.”

Jacob himself wanted to know His name, and knew he had

seen God face to face after he had wrestled with Him all night.

What these verses clearly show is that God appeared as the

Angel of the Lord and as a Man in the Old Testament.

The Man who appeared in the Old Testament was the Mes-

siah. It should have been common knowledge that when God

appeared in a human body—as a baby in a manger (1 Tim.

3:16)—He was the one from everlasting or the eternal one (see

Micah 5:2, Psalm 90:2; and Psalm 93:2). Whenever the omni-

present God becomes visible, He appears as either an angel or a

man. The Angel of the Lord was not seen during Messiah’s

time on earth because He was here in the flesh! He tabernacled

or dwelt among people (John 1:14). The Angel of the Lord was

the Christ when He was on the earth, from His birth as a baby

in a manger, to His ascension. They are one and the same!