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“under construction.” This is the place that Jesus went to pre-

pare for His bride (John 14:2).

As we can see, it will take 1,000 years to fulfill all of this

typical prophecy. But there are even more themes, shown in

the way the Jews have celebrated this festival, that will be ful-

filled at the beginning of the Millennium.

Water and Wind

During the historical celebration of the festival, some

priests would go through the Water Gate of the Temple, and

some priests would go through the Eastern Gate of the Temple.

The first group would retrieve water from the Pool of Siloam,

known as “living water” (as opposed to water that was stagnant

and contained bacteria, as in a cistern). The second group

would go to the Valley of the Motza and cut down willow trees.

The two groups would come back to the temple simultaneous-

ly. As the second group came in they waved their willow

branches, producing the effect of a rushing wind, which sym-

bolized the coming of the Holy Spirit of God. They placed their

willows at the base of the altar, forming a sukkah (booth or

tabernacle) over its top. The high priest took the living water

from the first group and poured it out over the altar. There was

also a sacrifice. As all this was performed, the people sang Isai-

ah 12:3

: 39

“Therefore with joy shall you draw water out of the wells of




This picture of Jewish history is drawn from Joseph Good’s book, Rosh

HaShanah and the Messianic Kingdom to Come, Hatikva Ministries, Port

Author, Texas; p. 45-46; used with permission.