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The big event is coming soon! The most spectacular event

in human history is about to precipitate. God is preparing to

lower the final curtain on the great stage of human drama—it

will be THE END! As this long-awaited time approaches, God’s

fiery judgment and indignation will bombard planet earth with

world convulsing events.

Many people, basing their beliefs on “social Darwinism” are

anticipating that ever evolving mankind will create his own new

world order—a utopia. With desperate but false hope, they

believe life evolved from amoeba to man, and given time, man

will socially evolve as well. They believe man came from ape

and began to walk upright—”Homo erectus”; he then began

using tools and became a handy man—”Homo habilis”; he

then became wise—”Homo sapiens”; and finally, he will dis-

cover his divine nature within and become godlike —”Homo


Man’s imagination is one thing; God’s Word is another.

The Word tells us that we are inexorably moving into the most

frightening time in history—the culmination of man’s choice to

disobey God, which began in the Garden of Eden. There, eve-

rything was in perfect order, but man chose rebellion over obe-

dience—to do things his way, and the seed of sin began to

grow. The garden was truly heaven on earth, but because of sin

the world is gradually becoming a hell on earth, and in time,

truly will be.