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The destruction of this world's system, including Antichrist

and his hosts, removes the evidence of fallen man. “

The wolf

shall dwell with the lamb and a little child shall lead them

(Isa. 11:6). This is the new millennium where paradise is found

again. When Messiah returns, a river shall spring forth from

Jerusalem making glad the City of God, and the Dead Sea will

live again (Eze. 47:8,9).

Israel will be purified in the fire of tribulation (Isa. 66:8).

All roads will lead to Jerusalem, the new world center where

the Messiah will establish His Millennial rule. Former lamenta-

tions are turned into joy, war gives way to supreme peace, Je-

sus rules in righteousness, and mankind witnesses the eternal

end of men shedding men's blood. Jerusalem, the City of our

God, is clothed in His splendor; the river flowing from the City

of God gives life, and the leaves of the trees are for the healing

of the nations (Rev.22:2).

Truly He has borne our sorrows and removed our trans-

gressions so that we can see Him in all His glory as He rules in

a righteous millennium in preparation for the final conflict

when Jesus, the judge of the universe, casts Satan, his host,

and the keys to death and hell into the Lake of Fire.

Dr. Madray does not set the day of the Lord's return—a

task that only Jehovah God can perform—but reviews the

course of significant historical events that have occurred on

certain Jewish holy days. Underscoring the entire work is ex-

haustive research and thorough scriptural and scholarly docu-

mentation. From Madray's historical end time events that will

ultimately usher in the return of the Messiah. Then, at “the

end” all will behold Him as He is, the Omega Christ of God.