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then there is yet a future harvest, not involving the Church of



So, the Pentecost which occurs near the middle of the

seven-year tribulation will hold a harvest for some souls at that

time. This leaves the second part of the fulfillment of Pentecost

for the Jews.

The future Pentecost will be the Wheat Harvest for the Jews

who will be going through the last half of the tribulation. There

will be a remnant left from Israel who will have seen the mirac-

ulous events, engineered by the divine hand of Christ, and will

be born anew. In the time of Moses, on the Day of Pentecost,

the presence of God empowered His people for obedience with

His laws. In the time of Christ, also on the Day of Pentecost,

the Holy Spirit empowered His people with the fire of God’s

presence in their hearts. In the same way, the future Day of

Pentecost will empower others with an anointing fire and wind

of God’s holy presence. A total of 144,000 witnesses will have

been sealed (Rev. 7:4), and these strategic witnesses will carry

out, in God’s power, Christ’s great commission to teach all na-

tions (Matt. 28:19). When the gospel of the Kingdom is

preached as

“a testimony to all nations…then the end will


(Matt. 24:14).


The remaining three feasts are celebrated in the fall. As ob-

served above, the details of the earlier festival’s events were ful-

filled in every way at the proper time; so will be the fulfillment

of those remaining. Again, by understanding with what history

and prophecy each feast is associated, we will be able to de-


This is because the Church is not destined for punishment with unbeliev-

ers who are receiving God’s wrath (1 Thess. 5:9).